TD Jakes 2017 - #Sunday - The Personal Touch - May 7, 2017


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TD Jakes 2017 - #Sunday - The Personal Touch - May 7, 2017

“The Personal Touch”
The first thing God does with man is touch him. Whatever creates you, you crave. Don’t let the devil convince you the only safe place is when you are alone! It is not good for us to be alone - we all need to be touched. Physical and emotional growth are affected by touch. God touches cracked people, He lifts and reforms them. Have you designed your life around something God wants to fix? Would you rather change or be accepted? You will always be whatever you accept as your reality. God is not trying to please you, He is trying to get you to please Him. Through all of your tears and heartache, God is working on you! God’s fingers are in your failures. Sometimes He has to break your heart to make your heart. It is frustrating to be so powerful in one area and so weak in another, but God is even using the things that have hurt you to touch you. When you’re sick you isolate yourself. Dont lose your name to your circumstances, your name is your favor. You will always be tested in an area you cannot fix by yourself. You can sit there and die or you can do whatever it takes to get out of your circumstances! Whatever it is that you need from God wont come until you reach out to Him - it is time for you to get up! He is getting ready to give you a personal touch!

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